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Have you ever googled “free brand name generator”? Why, though? Plz don’t. We are here to get our hands dirty for you.

Say hello to verbal identity specialists. We develop names and phrases that convey the essence of a brand, product or idea, through mixing strategy with emotion.

From ideation to trademark registration, we are ready to fulfill your naming needs.

Names (and some taglines) we have developed

Casa Balanz
Compañía de Mesas
Fortuna de Tierra​​​​​​​
Joya del Corral
No Somos Robots
Petit Amic
Rodamos parejo​​​​​​​


No Somos Robots
+52 5566092040

Mexico City 
(From time to time in Barcelona)

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No Somos Robots is the naming portfolio of Rob López, who is currently available for freelance projects and always excited to name new things.

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